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5 keys to a successful E-learning platform

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Why is an E-learning platform important?  According to an annual survey by Wiley Education Services, 2020 Online College Students, Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences, 78 percent of online students who have learned in a face-to-face setting feel their online experience was the same or better than their classroom experience.

Digital classrooms are a part of our daily lives now and they are being set up for multiple sectors –

  • Employee training
  • Schools
  • Language learning
  • Seminars
  • MBA (distance education)
  • Short courses
  • Webinars

Here are the 5 important factors essential to building an e-learning platform

  1. Counter traditional educational practices

The chalk & board method is usually conservative. The major components are teachers, course materials and blackboard remains unchanged.

Elearning technology is fairly opposite and has unlimited sources and scope for modernization. Hence, it’s important to find a fine balance between technology and traditional teaching while building an E-learning platform. To start off, consult educators to design the course structure, programs with relevant content.

2. Educational content management

E-learning platform development requires a lot of content management. Since distance learning courses are content-heavy and require constant updates. Due to its continuous process, it’s important to have efficient content management tools.

3. Scalability

Start small, keep selective courses at first, but this shouldn’t stop you to consider scalability from the very beginning of your E-learning app or platform. When the platform gains success, update it by expanding the target audience and add new courses, languages, etc.

4. Mode of communication

It is important to choose the right communication tool for your E-learning app. Selection depends greatly on the kind of goals, target audience, and educational practices.

Here are some examples

  • One-on-one video lessons between tutors and students
  • Video learning for those with memory issues
  • Keeping a track of revisions and tests with In-App messaging
  • Reading and voice modulation with Audio feature

5.  User experience

Despite having the right content and simplified design, many E-learning platforms fail to retain users which ultimately forces them to drop out. How to stop this from happening?

The answer is simple, focusing on the user experience. Technology is meant to make lives easier then why get complaints that “it’s too complicated”

  • Offer easy login, clear instructions to set up the profile
  • Ensure all the communication features are aligned –  Clear Video, Voice, and Messaging
  • Integrate smart notification – Personalization is the key to improve retention

How can we help?

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