3 Ways Next Generation CPaaS Can Improve Your Business

Posted On November 22, 2019 by Alex Macdonald in Blog, Ecosystem

Even though there are so many “blank blank aaS” acronyms, it might be useful to state exactly what we mean by CPaaS.

It stands for Communication Platform as a Service, and it means an environment in the cloud that allows developers to create, run, deploy, and manage communication for their customers to use. Communications can be chat functions, voice and video, and screen and data sharing.

This blog post outlines 3 ways how you can employ CPaaS functionality to streamline your business  and scale your communications.

1. Improve Customer Experience and Customer Service with CPaaS

When you implement customer-facing chat, voice, and video communications through a CPaaS, you’re doing several things that will improve customer experience and customer service.

First, CPaaS application lets your customers communicate with you immediately at point of need. CPaaS applications are mobile and your customers will be able to reach you at any time.

Second, you can build customer service applications that are multi-channel. You and your customers can send text messages, have a video conference, and can share files. When you are able to connect in so many different ways, your customers will have better experiences and get their problems solved quicker.

And finally, moving to a cloud-based communication service means you don’t have to worry about your on-premise infrastructure. When you migrate to cloud you reduce hour IT costs and have access to continuous updates. Also, you can create new applications or add new features quickly and easily.

2. Streamline Internal Communication with CPaaS

CPaaS can be implemented to improve and streamline your internal communication needs. Just as your customers demand the appropriate information at the appropriate time, so do your colleagues, managers, and prospective hires. Implement an intelligent CPaaS to improve communications and increase productivity.

Your Human Resources department can leverage CPaaS in a variety of ways to improve how your enterprise functions. Recruiters in the HR department can screen new candidates with video calls to make sure prospects skills and experience meet job requirements. The videos can be recorded and reviewed as needed.

Follow up interviews can be scheduled through chat functionality and any documents required can be shared through the CPaaS.

Human Resources can also set up training for career growth and regulatory requirements through video conferences. Employees in different time zones and shifts can participate through recordings can participate on their own. Training video can even be re-usable.

3. Leverage Data to Find Actionable Insights from your CPaaS

You can combine your CPaaS applications with artificial intelligence to perform data analytics to help you make business decisions.

Artificial intelligence can be used to spot trends in such things as sales spikes, then you can capitalize on this information by sending live messages.

It is expected that by next year, 25% of all companies will use chatbots in their customer service operations, according to Gartner. By leveraging intelligent chatbots, retailers can help customers on-demand and wherever they are. Or financial institutions can use chatbots to solve transactional problems or build incremental sales.

Chatbots can be a key component of your CPaaS infrastructure. Customers can communicate with you through the chatbot and you can gather information about the customer’s problems. If escalation is required, the customer can move to voice or video communication right away.

Temasys Can Help You Build your CPaaS Applications

Temasys is a leading CPaaS and SDK company providing globally available, highly-scalable, easy-to-use, embedded real-time communications solutions.

Modern CPaaS infrastructure delivers the highest quality communication to your enterprise. Each communication channel – text, voice, video, or screen sharing – provides business with their preferred means of communication and is available anywhere, at anytime, and makes your employees more productive.

With Temasys Skylink SDKs, you can quickly embed video, voice, and chat engagement into your web applications and mobile apps.

Our Temasys Skylink SDKs are available to try out here. They have been developed so that you can be up and running quickly and easily and are truly cross-platform, with tools for the web, iOS, and Android.

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