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2021 – The year of CPaaS

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CPaaS has opened up a door of opportunities for businesses as they interact with customers over voice, video, chat, and social platforms. CPaaS has made this possible by building feasible back-end infrastructure. In the last couple of years, CPaaS has seen huge growth. It was seen during early 2017 roughly 80% of companies had installed a version of CPaaS.

COVID-19 has become one of the key pointers for a digital revolution! Companies could interact with a diverse audience through digital platforms. For business communications to grow in this sphere, they need to use communication APIs. This is where CPaaS plays a role.

Here’s why believe CPaaS would be the game-changer

  • As per the latest research by IDC – The market value for CPaaS will be $17.7 billion by 2024
  • Messaging and voice features are the biggest market to tap on. By the end of 2021, these features will be worth $8.2 billion.
  • Frost and Sullivan’s study concluded that 67% of the companies are going to increase or maintain existing investment in CPaaS
  • Juniper Research highlights enterprise spending on CPaaS to quadruple by 2022 to $ 6.7bn.

There are unlimited stats that highlight the bright future of CPaaS. COVID-19 has left the strongest impact, increasing the demand for CPaaS.

We at Temasys, have developed comprehensive and easy to implement SDKs which are the key driving force today. Currently, we are working on pushing the boundaries of WebRTC and for the future, we believe AI & machine learning are key to a successful customer experience.

Here are some recent trends which proves the bright future of CPaaS

  • Healthcare – Telehealth apps allow patients to interact openly on a secured platform 
  • App/Web-based access – WebRTC supporting apps or websites for omnichannel communication for digital transformation supported by CPaaS 
  • New integration process – Moving from a traditional model to a multi-service digital space model 

New opportunities are emerging in the world of CPaaS. Although Communication platform as a service is not something new. But because of its constant development with APIs, it is transforming the industry.

Here’s how we see the future

  • Programmable features will be integrated at a faster speed
  • More remote collaboration and communication systems
  • Integrating  EDGE services to improve quality and security

In simple words, CPaaS will see exponential growth in 2021.  As a CPaaS company, we ensure all our customers are ahead of their technology game with our programmable solutions. If you too want to get ahead of the technology and industry trends, talk to our expert.


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